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Elephant Shaped Musical Piano

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Elephant Shaped Musical Piano

Musical fun is the best fun!!! This multi-purpose toy is the next best thing to keep your little one busy. With lots of different functions in it, your little one will love it. This little elephant piano is a new friend of your child. Made of high standard sleek plastic it comes in multi-colors to pique your little one’s interest in it. It works as a piano when these little five buttons in front are pressed.

All these buttons have different music in them. A little handle at the top left side helps in better gripping the toy as well as works are rattle also with little three rings in it. On the top right side, it has a plastic book with different animals on it to develop your little ones’ creative thoughts. At the right and left side, there are manual rattles which will keep your little one’s interest in it. This elephant toy worked with batteries.

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