Dinky tractor Remote Car


Dinky tractor Remote Car

Dinky tractor Car:
9-inch tall tractor like a car with small front wheels and large big wheels is made up of good quality plastic. This car can be used both inside and outside of the house. Additionally, it can be run on either side owing to its unique design. This unique style is an eye-catcher for kids and its superlative quality makes it a must-buy for your kid. This car uses batteries to power and speeds itself up. The tires have defined treads on them to avoid the slipping of the car. Available in different colours for your little speed racer. Also, it can be run on the wheel at the top, by making it stand in a vertical position. A two in one car with no compromise on quality.

Due to the contrast between diverse screens, the picture may not reflect the genuine colour of the item. We ensure the style of the item is the same as shown in the pictures, but it can look different on your child in comparison to the model.

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