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Grocery Mall Play set

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Grocery Mall Play set

Grocery Mall Play set:
An absolute choice for kids who are in the learning phase. Don’t they love to copy everything they see during this age? Use this habit of theirs to help them develop their skills. This mini-shop not only helps your child develop his managing skills but also helps him to mental maths while enjoying it. This mini-shop toy has lights and beeps to give it a realistic shop look. There is space for products that your little businessman will sell and a small calculator to make the bill.

Along with it, a bar code and credit card reader is also attached. Such a fun way to learn valuable skills at this age. The things come separated and are supposed to be attached. A small weighing machine is also there to facilitate your child to measure things. Lastly, space is made for your child to put his money safe there. This toy is made of good quality plastic. It works with rechargeable batteries.

Due to the contrast between diverse screens, the picture may not reflect the genuine colour of the item. We ensure the style of the item is the same as shown in the pictures, but it can look different on your child in comparison to the model.

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