Remote Control Racing Car

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Remote Control Racing Car

Remote Control Racing Car:
Fast racing remote control car. With stylish and reliable chassis and tires of anti-slip rubber material. The car comes with a remote controller, which can control the car even from quite a long distance. The tires are made to be used outside the house, on roads, inside the house, on carpets pr wherever your child desires to.

The high voltage batteries make this car move wata high speed. The car is around 5.5 inches tall and 10.5 inches long. The car is made of durable material. The rubber material of tires makes the tires unsusceptible to scratches and breaking. The batteries are rechargeable to give them a lifetime high speed. The car, though, is made of strong material but is lightweight making it convenient to carry it around and let your child play with it wherever you go. The battery holder can be closed firmly to make sure the batteries don’t fall out on your child’s adventure.


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