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Red Parrot Stuffed Toy 22inches

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Red Parrot Stuffed Toy

  • Red Parrot Stuffed Toy with high quality polyester and made of plush fabric, this parrot plush toy is everything your child needs in his toy’s collection.
  • Its face has eyes embroidered on the plush fabric.
  • The plush fabric is extremely soft but of very good quality.
  • This gentle little friend of your child washed very easily without its colour fading or material getting damaged.
  • It skin and environmental friendly.
  • Very convenient to take it with you while travelling.
  • Apart from travelling, it moved with great comfort.
  • Its size nearly a feet tall.
  • The polyester user be taken out and put in.The stitches firm, fine and perfectly concealed so as not to diminish the class of your child’s toy.
  • Parrot’s beak made of velvety plush fabric.
  • This parrot plush toy is made with love and imported to give you only the best quality products.
  • The plush fabric does not attract dust easily, which means it will not look dirty or dusty.
  • It suitable for kids above 3 years of age.

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Dimensions 64 × 97.5 cm

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