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Little Bear Fur Toy 19inches

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Little Bear Fur Toy

  • Little Bear Fur Toy stuffed little bear toy is made up of extremely soft and good quality fur fabric.
  • This fur fabric is stitched finely.
  • The fur toy is stuffed with polyester which makes this stuff toy extremely soft.
  • This little bear toy is nearly a foot tall and a perfect addition to your baby’s toys collection.
  • Perfect for babies. Its fur fabric and polyester make it very downy making sure your child does not hurt himself while
  • playing unlike other plastic toys.
  • The little bear toy has a tiny muffler made of thick plush fabric. Also, it has plastic eyes to give it a realistic look.
  • The toy is very easy to carry around and can be convenient to move when travelling.
  • It can fit easily in any bag.
  • Its fur and plush fabric is skin friendly.
  • The toy is easily washable.
  • It will come out just new like before with every wash.
  • Our little Hello kitty is made with love and care and imported for you.
  • Say good bye to boring old toys. Perfect for toddlers or pre-schoolers.

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