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Philips Classic Feeding Bottle

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Philips Classic Feeding Bottle

Philips Classic Feeding Bottle 260 ml  is an perfect choice for moms with newborns. In case your child shows colicky behavior, the blame may be within the bottle you’re utilizingInstep, give your infant a bolstering bottle built to supply them with most extreme comfort. This bolstering bottle contains a nipple formed just like the breast and permits moms to combine bottle nourishing with breastfeeding. You’ll have a cheerful and substance infant. Both you and your infant will appreciate the nourishing involvementA straightforward to wash and clean bottle due to detachable parts.

This could offer assistance diminish re flux, help absorption, and make nourishing time more comfortable for you and your small one. Makes a difference child swallow less discuss with Air Free vent Helps child swallow less discuss with Air Free vent Our unique Air Free vent is planned to assist your infant swallow less discuss as they drink, by drawing discuss absent from the areolaDiminishing the sum of discuss your infant ingests can offer assistance with common bolstering issues, such as colic, re flux and gas.

The Philips Classic Nourishing Bottles are clinically demonstrated to diminish colic. As your child drinks, the interesting valve on the nipple flexes to permit discuss onto the bottle rather than your baby’s tummy. Planned to avoid spillage while feeding. The Classic Nourishing Bottle is additionally exceptionally simple to clean for idealize cleanliness, with as it were 4 parts, a wide bottle neck and adjusted corners, our bottle is speedy and simple to clean altogether.


  1. Always use this product with adult super vision .
  2. Never use feeding teats as a soother.
  3. Continuous and prolonged sipping of fluids will cause tooth decay.
  4. Always check food temperature before feeding.
  5. keep all components not in use out of the reach of children.


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