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Fitch Baby Musical Bouncing Fun

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Fitch Baby Musical Bouncing Fun

Multifunctional baby rocker with cartoon pad cloth. This rocker has a removable toy bar. Different toys, both musical and normal, are suspended with it. The musical toys can start music when the baby bats at them making it a fun activity for your baby. The toy bar comes with a stuffed giraffe toy and musical rattles.

The pad is soft and can be removed easily for maintenance and cleaning. Also, it has seat belts to keep the baby fixed and allows little movements that are not too dangerous. The rocker can be used for making your baby sleep, to feed him, or to make him play on his own. It has calming vibrations that help the baby be at peace and sleep often. Easy to take everywhere you go. Can be undone to fit into small spaces. The toys can be removed from the toy bar too and the baby can play with them even when not in the rocker.

Due to the contrast between diverse screens, the picture may not reflect the genuine colour of the item. We ensure the style of the item is the same as shown in the pictures, but it can look different on your child in comparison to the model.

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