Infant Baby Cradle bouncer

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Infant Baby Cradle bouncer

Infant Baby Cradle bouncer accompany the baby with healthy growth.

All in one Baby Bouncer
All-in-one baby cradle for your newborns and infants. It has several functions to help your child sleep and ease down when cranky. It comes with a remote to operate it. The cradle has music to entertain your child. In addition to that, two cute little toy fish hang from the upper rod of the cradle. The cradle is created to swing automatically, hence saving you from the trouble of making the baby sleep.

The range of swing can be adjusted, also the music can be changed to music that can help your child sleep or to nursery rhymes to engage your child. It has a variety of functions, a perfect buy for your toddler. The angle of the craddle can be changed according to your convenience. The bedding is soft and comfortable which will make your child sleep in a matter of minutes.

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