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Baby Door Jumper

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Baby Door Jumper

  • Baby Door Jumper bringing to you a way to make your baby happy anywhere, anytime.
  • This baby door jumper is all your baby need to spend the best time while staying at one place.
  • Its a padded seat that can be attached to door frame of any room easily.
  • Your baby can sit in it all day play with his little toys, bounce or spring the door jumper.
  • With absolutely no chance of him falling off it, since the straps suspending the seat are very sturdy and firm.
  • It has a spring that makes this jumper bounce and spring making your baby very happy.
  • It comes with a padded backrest and 4 toys to further entertain your child.
  • Extremely easy to make baby sit in it and take him out of it.
  • The seat has been made of soft cotton fabric with printed Turkish pattern design.
  • Perfectly balanced seat makes the chances of the seat falling over almost nil.
  • A good way to keep an eye on your little brat while doing your daily works.
  • Can carry up to 25 pounds of weight
  • Designed for babies from 12 months to walking age.
  • Can be taken with you wherever you go since it’s easily portable.

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