Mickey Sofa Cum Bed

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Mickey Sofa Cum Bed

  • Mickey Sofa Cum Bed What’s better than a Mickey Mouse chair?
  • A mickey mouse bed. And what if you get both Mickey Mouse sofa and bed in 1?
  • We bring to you this innovative yet interesting sofa cum bed made of pure flattened plush fabric.
  • Its back has been made as the face of Mickey Mouse to make it your child’s absolute favourite.
  • While in Sofa shape it has two supporting arms and space to make your baby recline slightly.
  • This can be a great help to you during the baby’s sitting training.
  • As the as support the baby safely and ensure the baby does not fall and the soft space help newly formed bones to stay upright.
  • You can easily convert it into a bed by bringing the lower part to the front.
  • Long enough for a 3 year old baby to nap easily.
  • The plush fabric is extremely soft and the foam used is very downy.
  • Apart from being downy, the foam does not lose its strength under pressure and so remains in its shape no matter
  • You can take this seat with you wherever you go.
  • Perfect for picnics and camping.

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Mickey, Prince

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