Spacious Diaper Bag

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Spacious Diaper Bag

  • Spacious Diaper Bag travelling with a toddler easier
  • Our diaper bag has got you covered for your little baby’s diaper changing things and feeders.
  • It has a total of 4 pockets including 2 side pockets.
  • The front pocket made for storing milk filled feeders.
  • This pocket has more pockets inside it that lined with mesh fabric and nitrile sheet material which keeps the feeders warm.
  • It has side pockets to store empty feeder bottles or water bottles.
  • The side pockets also have a hidden convenient space for tissues or wipes.
  • The larger pocket at the back has alot of siace to store diapers, bathing products, cloths and what not.
  • It also has a zipped pocket to store mobile phone safely inside it.
  • The bag stitched finely.
  • Its zippers are firm and can opened or closed swiftly.
  • Grab handles made of fabric to make it easy for you pick it up.
  • Both grab handles can buttoned together.
  • The grab handles have Rivet reinforcements which keep them at place even if the bag has been filled to its limit.
  • It also has straps to carry it like a backpack and these straps can be adjusted easily.
  • It comes with a dry and wet split pocket; where you can keep wet and dry cloths separated without a chance of spoiling other things.
  • All-in-one bag for your infants while travelling.

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