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Modified Hybrid Musical Wingle Car/Cycle 3D Cow Character

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Why should boys have all the fun right? That’s why this new hybrid version of a car and a cycle is for your little princess. In bright pink and yellow color, this hybrid car is made up of a very fine quality hard product. A very convenient seat ensures the comfort level for your princess. The addition of cartoony faces adds character to this car and piques the interest of your little girl. 

From steering wheel to tyers, everything is made up of fine quality plastic, which ensures the safety of your little one. The steering wheel comes with the same cartoony face design so that your little one enjoys playing with it. It consists of four tyers which are directly operated by the steering wheel. It is a manually operated car that is all controlled by the steering wheel at the top. To keep your toddler’s interest in it, it also has little color full lights embedded all along with the circular design in the middle of the car along with their favorite poems and music. Those lights and music are battery-operated. 

Due to the contrast between diverse screens, the picture may not reflect the genuine colour of the item. We ensure the style of the item is the same as shown in the pictures, but it can look different on your child in comparison to the model.

Thank you for your understanding and trust. Happy shopping!

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