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Ingenuity Convert Me Swing 2 Seat

Ingenuity Soothe “n Delight Portable Swing.

This multi-function modern swing rocking seat for your baby should be your next go-to thing. Made up of an aluminium frame, hard plastic and soft seat material it is a very child-friendly aluminium frame giving it a stronghold and add strength and definition to the whole swing. The cloth pad is, first of all, made of material that does not get dirty too soon, secondly, the cloth can be washed easily. Its subtle pastel grey colour gives it a very neutral look.

There is a harness in the middle to keep your little one from falling. Along with your harness, there is a half pillow at the upper side of it to make it comfortable for your child. The toy holder which is attached with hard flexible plastic can be removed too. This toy holder comes with a foam-filled little lion. It also has a speed adjustment system, slow, medium, and fast. You can easily adjust the speed at the swing so move calmly and soothingly to make your toddler calm or help him sleep. It has an easy lock system that keeps the swing in a favourable position for your baby. It can be folded easily and taken anywhere you want.

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